Tom & Jerry is the bickering pairing between Miyeon (Tom) and Shuhua (Jerry).

Other NamesEdit

  • Shuyeon (Shu/hua and Mi/yeon)
  • ShuMi (Shu/hua and Mi/yeon)
  • Mihua (Mi/yeon and Shu/hua)
  • YeonShu(Mi/yeon and Shu/hua)



  • Both love sleeping the most.
  • Miyeon thinks Shuhua is the cutest creature of all time.
  • Shuhua said Miyeon is very cute.
  • Shuhua stated on a radio show that Miyeon is the one she will talk to when she is sad or worried
  • Both love Soojin


  • Miyeon was born in 1997 while Shuhua was born in 2000.
  • Miyeon was born in South Korea while Shuhua was born in Taiwan.
  • Miyeon is a former YG Trainee while Shuhua isn't.
  • Shuhua was a Rising Star Cosmetics Model while Miyeon wasn't.
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