Neverland is the official fandom name for the South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE.


On October 29, 2018, the fandom name was revealed and the name behind it describes as:

"Neverland is an imaginary space by Peter Pan. People who live in Neverland never change and remain as a Child forever.

As an artist who lives together with the fans, (G)I-DLE will live in NEVERLAND too forever. This means that (G)I-DLE will live together with the fans without changing and will stay together for a long time."


The official logo was revealed while having the recruitment of the 1st Membership Fanclub. It is (G)I-DLE's logo with a castle form on the top and the fanclub name under it. As announcing the official group color, the combination of Neon Red and Chic Violet was involved on the official fandom logo.

(G)I-DLE Official Color


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