• Miyeon is an only child.
  • Was known to be a YG Trainee.
  • Joined YG the same time as BlackPink’s Jennie.
  • Miyeon was supposed to debut with BlackPink. However she left on her own accord.
  • Loves nail arts.
  • Miyeon’s father made her enjoy music.
  • It was in Middle School when she auditioned for the first time in her life.
  • She also attended media class because she was very interested in writing lyrics and composing songs.
  • Miyeon knows how to play the violin and piano.
  • Foot size is 225-230 * Favorite color is green
  • Miyeon is close to both of Fromis_9 members Jiwon and Seoyeon (Ex- YG trainee and ex-Pink Punk members)
  • According to Soojin, she sleeps a lot, likes milk tea and not a picky eater [1] YouTube: YSSCOM (G)I-DLE's Miyeon 59 Manual Start.
  • According to Yuqi, she likes snacks, likes latiao (Chinese snack) and a friend-like unnie.
  • According to Shuhua, she can't be disturbed when she sleeps and looks pretty with bangs too.
  • According to Minnie, she likes Thai food.
  • According to Soyeon, she brushes her teeth and eats and doesn't easily wake up.
  • Miyeon wanted to call (G)I-DLE fans as "Noodles" [2] Twitter: Miyeon's Recommendation for (G)I-DLE's Fandom Name].
  • Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, and Yuqi are roommates.
  • She introduced herself as (G)I-DLE’s powerful vocal.

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