Mijin (Mi/yeon and Soo/jin) is the friendship pairing between Miyeon and Soojin.

Other NamesEdit

  • Sooyeon (Soo/jin and Mi/yeon)
  • Yeonjin (Mi/yeon and Soo/jin)
  • MiSoo (Mi/yeon and Soo/jin)



  • Both can sing and dance.
  • Both are born in South Korea.
  • Both were supposed to debut to their former agencies. (Miyeon=BlackPink, Soojin=VIVIDIVA)


  • Miyeon was born in 1997 while Soojin was born in 1998.
  • Miyeon is a former YG Trainee while Soojin is a former DN Entertainment Trainee.
  • Soojin was introduced in CUBE TREE while Miyeon wasn't.
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