Maze is a song by a South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE. It is the third track in the group's debut mini-album, "I am".


Groovy guitar riff, alternating synth pattern, trendy beat wraped with (G)I-DLE's voices make this euphoric dance tune. The lyric has compared the unaware feeling of a love to a maze.[1]

Song ReviewEdit

In Allkpop, The next song, "MAZE," kind of continues the club-banger vibe, and I got some EXID vibes from this one (that's meant as a compliment, BTW). I just heard some similarities, and it hit me in the bias bone. Love Love Love the belted chorus here and the way she turns the tables on the guy after the bridge. A fantastic jam and probably the best on the entire EP.[2]

For ᴍɪɴᴀʜ | #sᴛᴀɴ(ɢ)ɪ-ᴅʟᴇ (Amino), Maze is mostly a relaxing song you can listen to while laying in your bed or something like that. It's not that hyping like the previous tracks, but that doesn't mean that the song is bad - it's the opposite. The beat is so good and Soojin's voice right at the beginning wants you to listen to every second of that song. Normally for songs who are mainly focused on vocals like "Maze". I find it sometimes annoying to find a rap in there, but even Soyeon is mostly a powerful rapper her rap part is fitting really well with the girls vocals and I really adored Yuqi's voice again (I really have a thing for her deeper voice). But also, the other girls did a great job. sadly Shuhua didn't had that many lines in that song.[3]




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