LATATA is a song by a South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE. It is the first and title track in the group's debut mini-album, "I am". The single and its music video was released on May 2, 2018. It also serves as the group's debut song.


LATATA is a Moombahton track consist of soothing yet passionate beat and repetitive chorus. Pluck sound and a theme sampled with each member's voice is a key listening point. 'LATATA' ia an onomatopoeia expressing the urge to dance passionately to one's love.[1]

Song ReviewEdit

According to Allkpop, "[LATATA is] Chock-full of interesting hooks against R&B melodies, "LATATA" picks up especially during the chorus, where an army of girls is proclaiming boldly. The power of the beat and the in-your-face attitude is what makes this song work so well." [2]

According to ᴍɪɴᴀʜ | #sᴛᴀɴ(ɢ)ɪ-ᴅʟᴇ (Amino), "I knew this track would be lit. After I heard the teasers and I'm not disappointed. LATATA is a upbeat and catchy song and shows perfectly their talent. All of them have their own vocal colour but they're matching well together in the song. In my opinion, Soyeon did a great job with introducing the song and her own rap part. Also, I really enjoy listening to Minnie's, Shuhua's and Yuqi's part. all of them are foreigners and mostly the foreigners are getting dragged in the dance line and are not that experienced sometimes in singing in korean, but all of them did an amazing job - especially yuqi. she is the main vocalist, but has a deeper voice than most vocalist. I think that's one of her charming points and it's relaxing to listen to all their voices. LATATA is in general a catchy but also a relaxing song. it makes me feel not so stressed anymore and let me easily dance along with the amazing beat. also the I love ya part in the background is really cool and the every day every night LATATA line is absolutely amazing."[3]

MV ReviewEdit

Here's another MV where you really have little idea what's going on, but it looks like fun. Everything from playing with controllers, sitting on a pink horse statue, eating lollipops, and playing mini-golf. If this appears to be a random collection of scenes, it is, only connected by the presence of the girls themselves. Badass girls out for a night on the town.

They dance well, though, with confident, definite movements. They use elbows, arms, and side profiles to their advantage in rowing motions, and the leg work isn't too bad (especially considering what they have to do to stay in frame). They clearly came well-prepared and they bring their A game here.



Teasers: MV TeaserMiyeonMinnieSoojinSoyeonYuqiShuhua



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