Don't Matter (also known as: Splendid Rivers & Mountains or Hualyeogangsan; Hangul: 화려강산) is a song by Team Strong & Gorgeous of the South Korean survival show Produce 101. It's the third track in the mini-album, "35 Girls 5 Concepts".

Practicing ContestantsEdit

  • Kwon Eun Bin
  • Kim Ju Na
  • Kim Hyeong Eun
  • Lee Su Hyeon
  • Jeon So Yeon
  • Lee Hae In
  • Kim Seo Kyoung


Produce 101 is a South Korean survival show that aired on Mnet from January to April in 2016 where 101 female trainees from various entertainment companies competed to debut in an 11-member girl group which would promote for a year under YMC Entertainment.

On the 8th episode, the remaining trainees were given 5 new songs from 5 different producers, each a different genre. They were tasked to perform these songs live in front of an audience of 3000.



  • "Don't Matter" is performed by Team Strong & Gorgeous (Kwon Eun Bin, Kim Ju Na, Kim Hyeong Eun, Lee Su Hyeon, Jeon So Yeon, Lee Hae In & Kim Seo Kyoung)
  • "Don't Matter" charted at #30 on the Gaon Digital Chart.


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