Challenges are made for (G)I-DLE Wikia users to have fun other than editing. You can take the challenge by posting a blog. The best Challenge Blog will give a title "Best Challenger". All users can make their own challenge through requesting. Enter the Challenge NOW!

Welcoming ChallengeEdit

Welcome Challenge is a get-to-know challenge blog. We will ask you 11 questions for you to answer. This is perfect for new users to know them better. Don't forget to put [[Category: Welcoming Challenge]] and [[Category:Challenge]]! This are the questions:

1. What is your name (not full name pls)?
2. When is your birthday?
3. Where did you live (country only)?
4. Who is your bias?
5. Who is your biaswrecker?
6. Favorite song of (G)I-DLE?
7. Favorite part of (G)I-DLE's song?
8. Aside from (G)I-DLE, what are your favorite K-Pop group(s)?
9. Ultimate Bias?
10. Favorite K-Pop song?
11. What makes you to be a (G)I-DLE fan?

1. Sophie
2. February 2
3. Philippines
4. Shuhua
5. Miyeon/Yuqi
6. Dollar
7. Everyday, everynight, LATATA
8. Blackpink, Twice, Gfriend, Pristin, Red Velvet, Weki Meki, Momoland and others.
9. Blackpink's Lisa
10. CLC's "Meow Meow"
11. Because they are so TALENTED!!!!

You can also add some descriptions!!!

10 Day Get-To-Know Your BIAS!!!Edit

10 Day Get-To Know your BIAS!!! is a get-to-know your bias challenge. Everyday you will post 1 random fact about your bias until you reach the 10th day. This will test you if you really know you bias. You can also research through the internet. Don't forget to put [[Category: 10 Day Get To Know Your Bias]] and [[Category:Challenge]].

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